Right from the start MIELSO was a pioneer in the search for and implementation of technological solutions for the beekeeping industry. Notably, it was MIELSO that introduced beehive transhumance to Spain so as to take full advantage of the differing flowering seasons of Spain’s highly varied flora. The company has signed cooperation agreements with the Research and Technology, Food and Agriculture Institute of Catalonia (IRTA) and is a partner of the AINIA technology centre of Valencia, of which our director, Bernardo Sorribes, was a founding partner.

In a similar vein, MIELSO set up its own laboratory over 40 years ago. It is specialized in honey quality control and employs the most modern analytical techniques (physical-chemical, organoleptic, and microbiological tests, pollen and antibiotic analyses, pollutant detection) and, furthermore, it cooperates with the most prestigious accredited external laboratories in carrying out analyses to certify product quality and to detect veterinary residues (antibiotics), pesticides.

These modern testing techniques mean that the purity, quality and authenticity of our products can be fully monitored from the moment raw materials are received by us, during processing and once the finished product has been obtained. All this to ensure our main aim is met of striving for the highest product quality and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.