Cheese and honey appetiser

Cheese is a dairy food, which comes from goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk. Depending on what you accompany it with, it can be served as an appetiser, sauce, side dish to the main course, dessert or even dessert.

If we combine cheese with honey, its taste is perfect. It’s because honey can complement all or almost all cheeses, whether strong, creamy, sour, etc.

The contrast of the strong cheese flavour with the sweetness of honey makes every bite intense and delicious.

As a presentation, you can prepare an assorted cheese board, for example, from the mildest to strongest. It can be decorated with fruits and nuts like figs, apples, grapes, or nuts and hazelnuts. These combine perfectly to decorate and accompany cheese and honey dishes.

We advise soft fresh cheeses be accompanied with mild honeys like Orange or Rosemary honey and mature cheeses with thyme honey. And what honey do you like best?