A 100% natural product. Bees collect pollen from the flowers and by mixing it with saliva and nectar they form small balls which they take to the hive since it is almost the only source of proteins, facts, mineral and vitamins for young bees.


EL BREZAL pollen is collected entirely in Spain which, thanks to its rich flora, is internationally recognized as a pollen producer of the highest quality.


It is an excellent food supplement. It is rich in, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Free amino acids, Facts, Minerals (iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and sodium), Vitamins (mainly of type B but also of types E and C), polyphenols and flavonoids.


To be consumed dissolved in water, juice or milk sweetened with honey and as  “Topping” in yoghurt or salads. The recommended daily portion it´s one teaspoon.


FORMATS Hexagonal glass jar 235, 110 g