Benefeits of Honey with Royal Jelly

The bees throughout his life, not just produce honey, but also food for the Queen bee, Royal Jelly, which by its composition, is a powerful nutritional supplement 100% natural which has traditionally been used to increase physical and mental performance.

Today, most of the vitamin complex in the market incorporate Royal Jelly in their compounds, however it is recommended taking it also naturally and frequently, not only in times of increased activity. This will allow us to be 100% each day.

One of the most natural ways to take Royal Jelly is with honey, the honey because of its high sweetening power, gives this product the point of taste (the royal jelly is sour and bitter), as well as its antibacterial properties. By mixing Royal Jelly with Honey it increases its contents in carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins in a natural way.